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Embarking on a new building project often starts with clearing the old to make way for the new. At Country Estates Construction, we specialize in making this process seamless and efficient. If you need to demolish an old house to pave the way for a new build, we’re here to assist you at every step.

Comprehensive Demolition Services:
Our team is equipped to handle the complete demolition process. We ensure that the structure is taken down safely and efficiently. But our services don’t stop at demolition. We also provide bins for the responsible disposal of wreckage, ensuring that the site is cleared and clean.

Expert Excavation and Site Preparation:
Once the demolition is complete, our expertise extends to the excavation for your new foundation. We handle the excavation with precision, ensuring that the groundwork is laid accurately for your new construction. Our fleet of trucks is ready to haul away all the dirt, keeping your site neat and prepared for the next phase of construction.

Backfilling and Site Grading:
After the foundation work, we’re still on the job. Our team will backfill the foundation, a crucial step for the stability and integrity of your new building. We finish off with site grading, ensuring proper drainage and a level base for landscaping or further construction.

A Smooth Process from Start to Finish:
With Country Estates Construction, you can trust that your excavation, demolition, and trucking needs will be handled professionally and efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing a smooth, hassle-free process from the initial demolition to the final grading of your site.

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